Jackson Ball

    Hi all. I am a 61 year old living in Monterey, California. I've been in the heat transfer system manufacturing business for 25 plus years, and an owner of Arctic Chiller Group. I continue a long history of product and system photography from small items the size of a chair to systems the size of a bus and of course, nature. As with life and Spirit, we love things expansive and things very small for the beauty they reveal, both in creation and in expression.

    My 21 year old daughter, Taylor Green is now creating beautiful photography and attends Brooks Institute. She has the great gift of seeing beauty with feeling and expression that shows in her photos and video journalism. We are forming a unique company called Affinity Studio.

    For 11 years in the studio and the field I relied on my trusty 4x5 view camera, sturdy tripod, two nice Schneider lenses and four 1500 watt strobe heads with umbrellas and soft boxes. And always shot 100 ISO Fuji transparencies for ultra sharpness and color saturation when PMT scanning. I experimented with early generation digitals, but found they could not compare with sheet film in sharpness and detail, and still cannot, until recently.

    So we did a complete digital system upgrade from 35 to Medium Format. Our main system uses Rodenstock HR lenses on a Cambo body and Leaf Aptus 80 megapixel 16-bit digital back. For Medium Format hand-held images we chose the Leica S2/006 and three of the most marvelous Leica lenses I have ever used. I feel like I'm learning all over again.

    We also use our trusty Canon 5D Mark 2 and Mark 3 and five marvelous L-Series lenses. Fiber 5-section Really Right Stuff tripod and head and full pano gear, 580EX and 600EX flashes and ring flash for macro work, and oh yeah, a strong back to lug that glass to where beauty calls.

    Now I travel around the world for business and am constantly developing ever deeper photographic and composition skills, and great patience for airlines security and small overhead bins.

    Seek, find and create beauty everywhere and experience it's essence and presence. It is impossible if you try, but inevitable if you just simply are.

    Love and Honor...
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