Hi all. I enjoy living and photography in Central and South America and the Caribbean. Nature and wilderness are my passion.

For over a decade in the studio and the field I relied on my trusty 4x5 view camera, sturdy tripod, two nice Schneider lenses.

We did a complete digital system upgrade to medium and large format. New cameras, lenses and accessories. Painful but necessary. Our main system uses Rodenstock HR lenses on a Cambo body and Leaf Aptus 80 megapixel 16-bit, 12-stop digital back. For Medium Format hand-held images we chose the Leica S/006 and three of the most marvelous Leica lenses I have ever used. I feel like I'm learning all over again. I learned that 16 bits of depth and 12 stops of dynamic range make a huge difference in the impact of the printed image, not just resolution and detail. All of the nuances in color, texture and gradation are there. It just feels more realistic in a purely human kind of way.

Now I travel around the world for business and pleasure and am constantly developing ever deeper photographic and composition skills, and great patience for airlines security and small overhead bins.

Seek, find and create beauty everywhere and experience it's essence and presence always. As with life and Spirit, we love things expansive and things very small for the beauty they reveal, both in creation and in expression. Pure living. You make it impossible if you try, but inevitable if you just simply are. This little saying applies to many dimensions of life, and includes the artistic expression we find in images that capture things grand and things minute.

It is time in the wild, seeking, finding, enjoying and capturing beauty in the most diverse and obscure places that this merging of singleness of being, the multiplicity of nature and creative purpose most readily celebrate.

Celebrate beauty everywhere! Come join us on a photo adventure to Central and South America. Raw beauty everywhere!

Love and Honor...

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